WeDoNotUse Video


You know the problem, too: The telephone salesman that wants to ... well, sell you something. But those of us who are running a small company really get to feel this more intense.

Often we answer the phone hoping for a customer and the voice at the other end wants to talk to the person who is responsible for whatever. In a small company like ours, we all, directors as well as employees, answer the phone and thus get offers to buy cleaning equipment, personal development programmes, software for the computers and many, many other things. We are polite people so the conversation drags on a bit while we try not to buy the offer that the salesman goes on and on about.

One day during a call in an inspirational moment I got the idea for this rejoinder, and it has worked very well for us. The reply is simply: Sorry, but we do not use...

Here are real life examples of some situations, were we have applied this rejoinder with great success.

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